One could have passion for anything. I have lots, and travelling is one. It’s been always my dream to travel around the world – specially blessed to have an understanding mother and a partner whom has been supporting me, a great companion too and good advisor to the places i wanted to go. Sadly, as how much i wanted bestf lyy to be with me too, she didn’t really have the chance to accompany me through my travel journey for now, as firstly, she’s saving up for her studies and the tight schedule she had and to divide her time for family and love ones. There will be a chance for us one day bestf lyy 🙂

As a part time worker and a full time student next year, money is an issue for me to travel to the end of the world. What’s afford now is the nearest. Alhamdulillah, i still get to enjoy every bit of the journey ^^ If you’ve decided to be on a trip, plan it few months advanced as lots of things need to be prepared.

  1. Hotel booking. This is important, especially when you’re going during the peak/school holiday months. Afraid that booking upon reaching might left you with no room for the day.
  2. To and fro bus/plane/train tickets.
  3. Plan where to go and what you want to do before the trip. It’ll be easier for you when you reach there. Do some research on the places that you won’t want to miss!
  4. Budget. Financially prepared. 

I just came back from Genting Highlands and Kuala Lumpur 2 weeks ago. A 4 days 1 night in GH and 2 nights stay in KL trip. That was such a memorable trip that was planned beforehand by me and bestf lyy which she didn’t get to follow near the date to some matter. But Alhamdulillah, the trip with 4 of my friends and love when smoothly. Feeling so reluctant to come back during the last day, hehe.


In Genting Highlands, in Kuala Lumpur upon checking out, and just before we headed back home – respectively .

Ah now i’m missing the people, the place, and the trip! >.< Teehee!

It’s the first trip together, and it won’t be the last. Planning more ahead!! ^__^

2 years back, i had a trip to Pulau Tioman with my secondary mates. And out of nowhere, i suddenly miss Pulau Tioman so much that i urge love to go with me. We’re halfway planning, with the friends too but sadly, January is monsoon season and no boats will be out on the sea. Still planning ahead….. 🙂

The furthest i’ve been is to Saudi Arabia and Dubai with family. And yes, of course to some places with them too in Malaysia – Pahang, Terengganu and Malacca.

Few places that i would really love to go!

  • Bangkok. They are well known for their street stalls and yes, foooooooods that i’m much looking forward too! Hehehe.
  • Maldives. Reserved for honeymoon >.< Seen the scenery, and yes, beautiful it is! 😀
  • Bali. One of the most nicest place i heard from others. Much much in love!
  • the Pulau(s). Yes every each of the Pulau(s). Pulau Redang, Pulau tioman – to name a few.
  • Australia. Definitely with no reason, but heard too much of the places! Ah lovely!
  • And yes, definitely to Saudi Arabia again to either do Umrah or Hajj!

Apart from this, i would love to hike up mountains…!! Any backpackers here? Interested? 🙂