I LOVE sight seeing to reminisce at Allah’s creation. I’ve always wanted to go travelling around the world, to look at the other side of His creation. Unfortunately, i’m still struggling through my working schedule for now, and my studies next year. I have yet to get to fulfill my desire, but surely insyaAllah i will! 🙂

Singapore’s not lack of sight-seeing places though. As a local here, i have to admit that i have not been to all the places here despite the small dot of singapore on the map! 😛

While reading a magazine one day, i came across an entry about the beautiful magnificent underwater world singapore which is located at sentosa. “i must go, i must go…” My mind has been saying that umpteen times! Who would knew, the saturday which was planned to go to johor bahru with my close partner was called off due to some problems and he suggested to go underwater world! (well he knew i wanted to go there thanks to my bestf who blurted it out :P) well, very thoughtful i must say 🙂





Sadly, i didn’t get to shoot lots of pictures in there as i was overwhelmed by the creatures which some i have yet to see! I was mesmerized, very! We also get to watch the dolphin & sea lion last show which i think lasted for half an hour. They’re very cute, and i wondered how the trainees trained them to be very tamed!

At the end of the day, i insisted to have a photo shooting which costs me 26 bucks to have those pictures. It turns out very nice and it’s sure worth my money! 😀



Despite the sadness that my bestf didn’t get to tag along, it was an enjoyable trip! There’s more trips to come! (i guess? hehe). And the next trip which is near to date is KL & Genting Highlands woohooo! This time round, my bestf and two other friends will be tagging along, so total of 6 people is going! I am soo looking forward to it! 😀 😀 😀